Kubota 65HP Skid Steer with Rubber Tires

Getting around tight places with precision, digging, and lifting sometimes doesn’t require a big wheel loader, dozer, or rough terrain forklift. Skid steers are versatile enough to do all these tasks in tighter areas, maneuvering easy around the residential and commercial areas. With a large assortment of attachments available, your skid steer becomes a versatile base for grapples, hammers, snow blowers, rotary cutters, graders, tillers, tree pullers and much, much more. If you want a more economical solution to do more than digging and lifting, a skid steer is the right tool for you.


Model V2607-CR-TE4
Emission Certification Tier 4
Gross HP1/HP (rpm) 64/2700
Displacement (cu. in.) 159.7
Cylinders 4
Bore Stroke (in.) 3.5 x 4.4
Aspiration Turbocharged
Loader Performance
Rated Operating Capacity
50% Tipping load (lbs.)
Tipping load 3900
Breakout force: Bucket (lbf.) 4839
Breakout force: Lift arm (lbf.) 3858
Lift arm path Vertical
Standard tire size 10-16.5-8PR
Chain size ASA# 80
Travel Speed: Low (mph) 6.9
Travel Speed: High (mph) 11.1
Traction force (lbf.) 7339
Ground clearance (in.) 7.6
Hydraulic System
Loader hydraulic flow (gpm) 18.0
Loader hydraulic pressure (psi) 3271
Aux. hydraulic flow: Standard (gpm) 18.0
Aux. hydraulic flow: High (gpm) 28.0
Hydraulic tank (gal.) 4.2
Fuel tank (gal.) 25.4
Operating weight
(Include operator weight 175 lbs.)
6790 / 7055

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