Kubota U-Series U17 4200-lb Mini Excavator

When you have to take on a tough job in a tight space, look no further than the versatile U-Series. Kubota U-Series excavators offer performance, durability, convenience and comfort to help you tackle tougher jobs in even tighter spaces.


Engine Type D902-E4
Tier 4
Horsepower (gross)1 16.1
Displacement (cu. in.) 54.8
Overall Length (transport) 11′ 7″
Overall Height 7′ 8″
Overall Width 3′ 3″ / 4′ 1″2
Operating Weight3 (lbs.) 3693
Rear Swing Clearance 0″
Maximum Digging Depth 7′ 7″
Maximum Dumping Height 8′
Pump Capacity (GPM) 11.9
Auxiliary Hydraulics Flow Rate (GPM) 7.32
Bucket Breakout Force (lbs.) 3417
Maximum Traveling Speed (mph) 1.4 / 2.6
Ground Contact Pressure (psi)3 3.8

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